Shading Agents

Bright Eco-Coating

100% micro plastic free removable shading agent for crop protection from excessive sunlight and heat.
Bright Eco-Coating is a hundred percent micro plastic free shading agent, which provides protection against excessively high temperatures and too much direct sunlight. Because of its completely biological nature, it can be removed from the greenhouse without chemicals cleaners, making it safe to use in all crops, particularly organic grown crops. Unique and distinctive from all available brands on the market

Benefits of Bright Eco-Coating

Liquid & easy to apply

The gel substance is easily dissolved during the mixing process. Bright Eco-Coating is perfectly suited for machine spraying and provides an even protective coating on your greenhouse.

For all greenhouse surfaces

Bright Eco-Coating provides a long-lasting protective layer and is easy to apply to glass, film and polycarbonate.

Long-lasting protection

Bright Eco-Coating provides a shading duration for at least four months. You can determine the desired shading and shading duration by adding more or less water than specified in the mixing instructions. • A higher concentration of Bright Eco-Coating is more wear resistant than a lower concentration • An above-average rainfall intensity increases the wear of the coating The eventual shading duration and coverage depends on the dilution and weather conditions.

Excellent protection for your crop

Many crops do not cope well with excessively high temperatures or too much sunlight. Bright Eco-Coating reflects light and thereby improves the climate in the greenhouse. This organic shading agents provides a long-lasting protective layer and is easy to apply to glass, folie/plastic film and polycarbonate. With Bright Eco-Coating you can determine yourself the desired shading and shading duration, by adding more of less water than prescribed in the mixing instructions. The standard dosage is 20 kg Bright Eco-Coating with 80 litres of water for an effective protection. This gives a solution of 93 litres: sufficient for spraying 500 to 700 m2 of greenhouse surface. Depending on your crop, you can choose to give more or less protection.

Fully suitable for organic cultivation

Bright Eco-Coating is the first and only shading agent that is 100% biodegradable. That makes it suitable for all crops and in particular, organically grown crops. This shading agent is liquid, and it contains zero micro plastics. The great advantage of this 100% organic product is that the application and removal of the greenhouse roof can be done organically. This makes Bright Eco-Coating the only shading agent on the market that meets the requirements for organic cultivation.

Completely biologically removable

There are three options for a complete biological removal:
1. Bright Eco-Coating wears through the elements of nature, resulting in a complete removal of the product after 90 to 120 days
2. By brushing you can remove the remaining Bright Eco-Coating without using cleaning agents
3. By using our organic cleaner Bright Eco-Clean you can remove the shading agent
This is substantially different from existing products on the market, which always require a chemical
cleaner to be removed.