Shading Agents

A 100% microplastic-free coating that is environmentally friendly.
Bright Eco-coating is safe to use with all crops, and particularly suitable for organic growing.


With our Hygiene Program, we provide essential tools to battle pathogens, seize opportunities and take on challenges for ultimate hygiene levels in greenhouses.

Coir Substrates

In this ever-changing world, one topic is forever coming up in conversation and becoming a focal point across the globe.


Our growing habits have been impacting our Eco-System for hundreds of years and it has only been recently that we have looked back and realized the damage that we have been causing.

LED Agri-Lighting

Light is essential for plant growth, and although we have that beautiful free source of light, the sun, often relying on sunlight is not sufficient in horticulture.

Cavitating Ultrasonic Transmitter

For the best irrigatation water without bacteria.

Shading Agents

Protects against excessive temperatures and sunlight exposure.

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