On 30 December 1925 Cor Houweling senior from Oudekerk aan den IJssel registered his business with the Chamber of Commerce. He had developed a product that could be applied to greenhouses to protect the crops against sunlight and heat. With this shading agent and associated cleaning product Cor Houweling and his son Jan conquered the Dutch market from the end of the 1960s. In the meantime space constraints led them to move to an industrial site in Bergschenhoek.


Plastic packaging was used in which to mix and transport the shading and cleaning agents. Houweling took the packaging back to clean it and re-use it. In 1980 the business was officially expanded to include the sale and recycling of packaging. At the same time Cor Houweling junior followed in the footsteps of his father and elder brother. As a result of continued growth they moved first from Bergschenhoek to Bleiswijk and then to Berkel en Rodenrijs.


In all business activities use is increasingly made of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as dust masks and gloves. In 1993 a business based in Apeldoorn specialising in PPE was added to the Houweling organisation. The protection of products, plant and people became a comprehensive package. And at the same time it gave us a second establishment in the Netherlands. Meanwhile the shading agent was already being supplied worldwide.


In 2005 we expanded by adding to the organisation a business based in Aarschot, Belgium, which also supplies, collects, cleans and processes packaging. In 2010 we left the Berkel en Rodenrijs site and moved to a location in Bleiswijk. There in 2018-2019 large-scale rebuilding took place. With its new office and the roofs full of solar panels, the Houweling Group’s headquarters are ready for the future.

Expansion into the Americas

Due to the major greenhouse expansion across North and South America, Houweling Group expanded its horticulture sector into Canada in 2019 and started Houweling Americas. Houweling Americas’ primary focus is plant nutrition, greenhouse disinfection and cleaning, LED Lighting, and coir substrates. With strategic partnerships and the experience and connection to the Netherlands, Houweling Americas is a company formed with experience, value, and integrity; providing high-quality products with the earth in mind. Every product added is carefully considered for quality, price, and sustainability. That is our promise.