Root Energize

What is Root Energize?

Root Energize is a liquid, natural enzyme preparation on the basis of fifteen different sorts of enzymes. These enzymes ensure that root residues in an artificial substrate are broken down rapidly.

The rapid decomposition prevents old roots accumulating and rotting, giving disease-causing agents less chance.

In addition to enzymes, Root Energize also contains vitamins that promote root growth and increase the absorption capacity of the roots.

How does Root Energize work?

It is very important that your plant is in good condition throughout the cultivation cycle. Good plant condition ensures that your crop can withstand periods of heavy plant stress.
Among the factors that influence the condition of your plant are the climate, nutrition and humidity, but also the soil.
In nature, the plant regulates its own optimal soil environment with the aid of a well-developed micro-ecology. The micro-organisms produce enzymes by means of which dead vegetable matter is broken down more rapidly and many nutriments are released for the plant.
Because these micro-organisms are largely or entirely absent in an artificial substrate, the required enzymes are also not produced. Root Energize offers a solution. The enzymes in Root Energize are especially effective in breaking down the cellulose and hemicellulose of dead vegetable matter, such as roots. Moreover the decomposition does not consume any oxygen, which means that both the micro-organisms and the roots of a new plant can flourish where the decomposition is taking
place. There is also sufficient nutrition present.

The rapid breakdown also ensures that the old roots accumulate less in the mat. This promotes the drainage and improves the oxygen supply, which means that the mat can be used for considerably longer.

An incidental advantage of the rapid breakdown of plant remnants with enzymes is that there is no rotting. Rotting is harmful for the crop, because it releases toxic (poisonous) substances. Rotting also gives pathogenic organisms a greater opportunity.

Stimulating root growth

In addition to enzymes, Root Energize also contains vitamins from the B-complex, which promote root growth and the growth of many new hair roots. This is important because the plant absorbs valuable nutriments such as calcium, magnesium and iron at the points where it is growing.


Root Energize can be applied throughout the crop period.

Starting dose
3 litres per hectare, per week.

Maintenance dose
1.50 litres per hectare per week.

Do not mix Root Energize in the feed container. Make sure Root Energize gets to the roots as quickly as possible. This is usually done using a separate dosing pump.

Another option is to mix the Root Energize in the feed container, once it is nearly empty. This is usually only a couple of irrigation rounds, and is dosed in a day. This avoids Root Energize staying in the feed container too long, as it may lose its effect.

Do not use Root Energize in combination with hydrogen peroxide.

Tip: Stop dosage of hydrogen peroxide a few irrigation rounds beforehand, then add Root Energize in a few rounds, then wait another few rounds before restarting hydrogen peroxide.

Tip: Do you know how many irrigation rounds you need to get Root Energize out of the last dripper?
Mix a little iron oxide in the mixer container, and register how long it takes for the water to colour red in the last dripper. (this often takes longer than you would think !!)