Get easy profit by adding Intra Hydro-pure to the water


Good water quality is essential for sustainable production and healthy crops. Adding fertilizers and organic supplements to your irrigation water increases biofilm formation, resulting in organic pollution of the irrigation water. Biofilm is the breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms. There are many pathogens that are transmitted via the irrigation system, such as Agrobacterium, Pythium, Fusarium, Phytophthora, Clavibacter or Tomato brown rugose fruit virus (ToBRFv). Once such pathogens are present in the irrigation system, it can quickly infect the whole crop, as the pathogens will be absorbed through the roots.



Removes organic and microbiological contamination until the last dripper


Less production loss, more yield


Chlorine-free water treatment


No more nutrient deposits because of a more balanced pH


Limits use of pesticides


Approved product for organic farming

“Intra Hydro-pure is based on ultra-stabilised hydrogen peroxide.”

Pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses spread through the irrigation system. They will hide and proliferate inside the biofilm which can build up easily inside irrigation pipes. Removing the biofilm already removes 99% of all microorganisms, and the remaining pathogens will not stand a chance against Intra Hydro-pure, which is effective until the last dripper due to its strong stabilised character.

A low and continuous Intra Hydro-pure dosage ensures a 100% guaranteed clean irrigation system. This way, you prevent the irrigation system from acting as a transmission route for pathogens infecting your crop.


Sustainability and product specifications

Intra Hydro-pure is an ultra-stabilised hydrogen peroxide. Dosed in the irrigation system, the slow release effect of Intra Hydro-pure allows it to react in a controlled manner with encountered biofilm and pathogens. During this reaction, Intra Hydro-pure will dissolve into oxygen and water. Both of which are completely safe for humans, plants, equipment and the environment.

In contrary to most alternative products, Intra Hydro-pure is not corrosive when used in its recommended concentration. Therefore equipment and materials will have a longer life span.

Intra Hydro-pure ensures you of an optimal water quality and improves crop health. This prevents pathogenic infections and thus limits the use of pesticides.

  • Intra Hydro-pure contains 590 gr/l stabilised hydrogen peroxide with chelated silver to ensure the slow release effect and optimise the biocidal efficacy.
  • Intra Hydro-pure is registered in Europe for the following type of use:
    PT02: Private area and public health area disinfectants and other biocidal products. Including cleaning of irrigation systems and disinfecting of empty greenhouses.
  • Intra Hydro-pure is available in the following safe packaging units: 1 L bottle, 5 L can, 10 L can, 20 L can, 200 L drum and 950 L IBC.
  • With Intra Hydro-pure you get value for money. Intra Hydro-pure is a densely composed product. Intra Hydro-pure delivers 11.9 kg per 10 L.
  • Please note that Intra Hydro-pure is classified as UN 2014 (8).

Protocol & Usage

1. Cleaning and Disinfecting The irrigation System

Cleaning the irrigation system can be done in two periods, during production or during the crop rotation. During crop rotation you can do an intensive cleaning with Intra Hydro pure. During production cleaning and maintaining a clean line can be done with a slow but effective procedure.

Cleaning and Disinfecting during Production

Use Intra Hydro-pure with a continuous but low dosage. Dose 40 ppm (40 ml/1000 l water) with every watering. It is best to dose this with a dosage pump. Another option is to dose it through the fertilizer tank.

For more information on dosages during production please contact us.

Water analysis is recommended before the first treatment and during the treatments. Intrahorti can support you to guarantee the best quality of water.

Cleaning and Disinfecting during Crop Rotation

During a crop rotation the irrigation lines can be cleaned with a dosage of 1-3%. Let the water stand for the night. Make sure the system has an air vent at all times. Flush the system the next day.

2. Cleaning and Disinfecting of Equipment or empty greenhouses

Spray with a 1-3% solution. Use a sufficient amount of Intra Hydro-pure so the surfaces will remain wet during the minimum contact time of 6 hours. There is no need to wash off the Hydro-pure.

3. Safety Instructions

Make sure there is always an air-escape in the irrigation system when cleaning the system. Be aware that 1 L Intra Hydro-pure produces 200 L oxygen.

Wear safety gloves and goggles when using Intra Hydro-pure.

4. Tips

The water quality can be easily measured with the Intra Clean Quick Scan. If you want to see if Intra Hydro-pure it’s dosage is still effective at the end of the pipeline, measure the water with the Intracare peroxide strips.

Intra Hydro pure in 50 seconds

Product leaflet with essential product information


What is the difference between chloride products and Intra Hydro-pure?

Where chloride products are good disinfectants, they possess barely any cleaning properties.

What is the difference between standard hydrogen peroxide and Intra Hydro-pure?

Standard hydrogen peroxide reacts very quickly. When encountering the first organic pollution in the first meters of the irrigation system, it will react immediately, which can be corrosive for the system. However, the end of the pipeline is the most contaminated and therefore most crucial part. When dissolved into oxygen and water, standard hydrogen peroxide will not reach the end of the pipeline. Intra Hydro-pure is ultra-stabilised hydrogen peroxide. Therefore, it contains a slow release function which allows the whole pipeline, until the last dripper, to be cleaned and disinfected.

Can Intra Hydro-pure be used simultaneously with fertilizers?

Yes, Intra Hydro-pure does not react with fertilizers and can be dosed in the fertilizer tank.

What type of pollution with be removed with Intra Hydro-pure?

Intra Hydro-pure removes all kinds of organic and microbiological pollution.

What is the shelf life of Intra Hydro-pure?

Compared to industrial hydrogen peroxide products with a shelf life of only 6 months, Intra Hydro-pure has a guaranteed shelf life of 3 years.

Can I keep Intra Hydro-pure in another packaging unit?

No, Intra Hydro-pure should never be put in another packaging unit. All packaging units from Intrahorti are ultra-safe and the caps have a special air release.