More Light. More Yield. Clean Glass.


Throughout a crop cycle many different types of products are used on plants in a greenhouse, and almost inevitably, residues find their way onto the glass. The same goes for outside, with all of the elements over the year glass structures don’t stay clean for long. As light is important for crops, keeping the glass clean is always a priority.



Removes soot, dust, dirt and grime off both the interior and exterior of the greenhouse


Cleans both glass and poly


Virtually no vapour effect


Better for employees and the environment then competitors’ products


Formulated in house to maintain low costs

“Clean Glass, Cleaner on the environment.”

Formulated by our parent company, Houweling Group, this effective agent is widely used in the Netherlands as an alternative to heavy chemical cleaners and is now available in North America. Topcleaner can be used for the removal of all kinds of waste on both the inside and outside of the greenhouse. It is not suitable for the removal of shading agents.

Topcleaner has virtually no vapour effect

Product specifications

  • Topcleaner contains ammonium bifluoride, formulated to effectively clean glass.
  • Topcleaner is available in the following sizes: 22kg can and 220kg barrel.
  • Not to be used to removed shading agents nor when plants are present.

Usage Instructions

Apply Topcleaner in a solution diluted with water evenly on a moist surface. Depending on the soiling, the dosage can be adjusted. After a soaking time of approx. 10-15 minutes or before drying, spray the dirt off with a powerful jet and plenty of water.

Attention: Do not let Topcleaner dry on the glass.


  • Use Topcleaner only in an empty greenhouse
  • Do not allow topcleaner to dry
  • Do not use Topcleaner in combination with other cleaning products
  • Do not use Topcleaner on (diffuse) glass with a special coating

Normal pollution:
Indoor: 5% Outdoor: 5-10%

Heavily polluted:
Indoor: 10% Outdoor: 10-20%

Required per hectare: 2500 liter solution.

Thoroughly clean used equipment and materials with water after treatment.