Intra Eco Shield

Have you met the revolutionary way of sustainable yield improvement?


Intra Eco Shield ensures the formation of strong and healthy crops, with a better defence mechanism against pathogens and improved nutrient uptake. Intra Eco Shield is deposited in the outer cell wall of plants. This creates a natural shield, preventing penetration. Intra Eco Shield can be dosed via the irrigation system or can be used as a foliar treatment. By applying the product on a weekly base you will have fewer production losses and more yield.



Greater resistance to harmful stress exposure


Improves production results


Provides a natural shield in plant cells


Prevents production losses


Easy-to-use with excellent absorption


Unique blend with the highest level of plant-available silicon

Intra Eco Shield strengths your crop for future proof growing

Intra Eco Shield is a plant enhancer that works best when applied on a regular base. By applying the product every week new leaves will create the Eco Shield layer in their outer cell walls. The complete plant will eventually be protected to any kind of stressful situations. Not only biotic stress but also abiotic stresses, like drought-, heat- or salt-stress. Plants will have improved water management together with a more balanced nutrient uptake. For example the K:Ca ratio in the plant will be improved. Because of the improved nutrient uptake we see up to 6% improved production results with regular use of Intra Eco Shield.

Improved resistance with a natural element, PESTICIDE FREE!

Product specifications

Liquid product packed in white PE plastic bottles or cans with approved caps. Available in the packaging sizes below:

Product leaflet with essential product information


Can Intra Eco Shield be combined with Intra Hydro pure?

Yes, with an irrigation system we always recommend to use Intra Hydro-pure. With a clean system, the nutrients combined with Intra Eco Shield are distributed equally to all plants. In a dirty system there is a change of nutrient deposition and pH fluctuations.

Is there a withdrawal time between application and harvest?

Intra Eco Shield is based on natural ingredients and safe for plants, humans and the environment. It will not leave any harmful residues, therefore there is no withdrawal time.

What is the difference between a fungicide and Intra Eco Shield?

Intra Eco Shield is used as an preventive product. A fungicide is used to treat plants which are already infected.

Can it be combined with pesticides?

Mostly yes, but for specified advice please contact us.

What is the shelf life of Intra Eco Shield?

2 years.

Are there any safety precautions advised, when using Intra Eco Shield?

The pure product is classified as corrosive, for which the safety and precautionary sentences are available on the product label. The dilution used in practice is however NOT corrosive.