Is Hydro Pure corrosive?

No. Hydro Pure is not corrosive at the recommended dosages. 

Is Hydro Pure food safe?
  • Yes. Hydro Pure is safe for treatment on fruits and vegetables by rinsing or washing. Hydro Pure chemical properties break down into oxygen and water when it reacts with organic matter. 
Does Hydro pure leave toxic residues?

After reacting with micro-organisms and biofilm, the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) from Hydro Pure dissolves into water (H2O) and oxygen (O2) which are environmentally friendly residues. Hydro Pure increases the oxygen level in irrigation water up to 15%. This is favourable for root health and root development.

Is Hydro Pure corrosive?

No. Hydro Pure is not corrosive at the recommended dosages. 

What about the silver residue?
  • The silver content in Hydro Pure is very low; far less than International recommendation levels which are set by The World Health Organization (WHO) for human grade drinking water. 
How is Hydro Pure superior over non-stabilized Hydrogen Peroxide?

The silver stabilization in Hydro Pure gives a synergy with the hydrogen peroxide, which means that the cleaning and disinfecting power is 7 times more than with non-stabilized industrial Hydrogen peroxide.

I am using products based on chlorine, why should I switch to Hydro Pure?

There are several reasons not to use products based on chlorine in your irrigation system. Chlorine is less effective on destroying the biofilm in irrigation lines. Bacteria protect themselves by building up a slimy biofilm layer around them. Chlorine has a lesser effect on biofilm removal so bacteria will survive and multiply. Chlorine can also leave negative residues like chlorate in/on your plants, or even worse in/on your fruits. Chlorate is toxic for humans and raises the danger that toxic chlorine residues can end up in products within in the retail chain. Dutch growers of consumable crops have banned the use of chlorine-based products on a large scale because of incidents with chlorine residues in vegetables in the retail chain. 

Can I disinfect my greenhouse with Hydro Pure?

Under different guidelines then irrigation systems, you can use Hydro Pure to disinfect your greenhouse. Use a dosage of 2% and preferably use a fogging device to disinfect. If there is no fogging machine you could also use a sprayer. Please contact us for specific instructions.

I produce vegetables. Can I add Hydro Pure to the irrigation water during cultivation?
  • Yes! Hydro Pure is safe for your crop in low doses; we advise to use a low but continues dosage in your daily routine. A continues dosage of 40 ppm will be sufficient. In this way you are slowly cleaning your system and pathogens are killed at every watering.  
If I want to use Hydro Pure in my irrigation water, how can I add it?

Intra Hydro pure is easily dosed with a dosage pump. Be aware that this dosage pump has a ventilation option, because Hydro pure creates oxygen when it reacts with organic material. A venting option in your dosage pump prevents defects. If you do not have a dosage pump it is also possible to add the Hydro pure via the nutritive solution in the A-tank.

I am using Hydro Pure; how can I check if my dosage is correct?

Hydro Pure consists of 50% hydrogen peroxide. The hydrogen peroxide levels can be measured with test-strips. This easy tool will give you an indication on the level of hydrogen peroxide in your water. You can measure the amount of Intra Hydro pure on different points in your irrigation system. By measuring on a regular base, for example every two or three weeks, you have insight in your production. 

What is “PPM”?

PPM is a way of expressing very dilute concentrations of substances. Just as per cent means out of a hundred, so parts per million or ppm means out of a million. To measure doses in water, 1 ppm would be 1 ml of product per 1000 litres of water. Therefore, when dosing Hydro Pure; 40 ppm stands for 40 ml per 1000 litres of water.

My dosage pump measures in “Percentage” not in “PPM.” How do I measure dosage?

To convert to percent, simple division is required. Here are equations to remember when calculating ppm:      1% = 1/100        1ppm = 0.0001%           40ppm x 0.0001% = 0.004%

I have just started with Hydro Pure. But I do not find any Hydro Pure in the end of the irrigation lines, how is this possible?

Hydro pure reacts with organic pollution in your system. When it reacts, it breaks down into water and oxygen. When this reaction has taken place the active hydrogen peroxide that you are able to measure is gone. When you start with Hydro Pure it starts with cleaning out your irrigation system, slowly but completely.  Sometimes it takes weeks before the system is clean, and you measure the active hydrogen peroxide in the end of the lines.  Eventually you want to measure 10 ppm of hydrogen peroxide in the complete greenhouse.

How is Hydro Pure superior over Copper Disinfection Systems?

Although Copper has strong antibacterial properties, the process has no effect on biofilms and has no cleaning power in water lines. Therefore, it is more commonly used to clean day storage tanks. Hydro Pure can clean day storage tanks as well, but is recommended for the irrigation lines in the greenhouses as it’s powerful cleaning and disinfecting properties kill the bacteria and fungi; lifting  and removing biofilms to ensure the water stays clean from beginning to end.

I have a UV system in my greenhouse; is this sufficient? Can I use UV with Hydro Pure?

Yes, you can use your UV system together with Hydro Pure; we recommend it! UV treats recirculated water, to ensure cleanliness and clarity. Hydro Pure is dosed afterwards to ensure that the irrigation lines throughout the system are cleaned- removing biofilms, bacteria, and pathogens. Essentially, they work together for a fully clean irrigation system.

I have an Ozone system in my greenhouse; is this sufficient? Can I use Ozone with Hydro Pure?

Ozone, like UV, is a common and effective disinfectant system. It is a strong oxidiser like Hydro Pure, and therefore a perfect combination. The Ozone works just like a UV; effective for cleaning recirculated water, but still insufficient when keeping irrigation lines clean. The two joined is another great fully clean system.

I have an ECA system in my greenhouse; is this sufficient? Can I use ECA with Hydro Pure?

Firstly, ECA (Chlorine) is not recommended to be used with Hydro Pure, as they react to each other. As for sufficiency, while many growers still use chlorine or ECA systems for their greenhouses, it is becoming less common due to residues. For example, in the Netherlands growers of vegetables and fruits are no longer allowed to use chlorine as a disinfect because of the residues on the fruit. Hydro Pure will work just as well, even better, without residues!

Can I use Hydro Pure to “flush” out my irrigation system?

Yes, during crop rotation it is also possible to “flush” the irrigation system with a dosage of Hydro Pure. Please contact us for specific instructions.

Does Hydro Pure have effect against Corona Virus (COVID-19)?

Yes, Hydro Pure is effective against COVID-19. The World Health Organization (WHO) advises the use of products based on Hydrogen peroxide to disinfect areas and surfaces. 

Can I use Hydro Pure as a foliar spray to treat my plants?

No, we do not advise Hydro Pure as a foliar treatment. 

Will Hydro Pure clog my drip irrigation system?

No, Hydro Pure will not block or clog any drippers when the recommended dosage of 40 ppm is used. By dosing with a low dosage, irrigation systems will be cleaned slowly but completely without any problems. We will always advise to flush the system when necessary.

Is silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide better then acid stabilised hydrogen peroxide?

Yes, as an acid-based product can be corrosive and harmful for your crops and is therefore not advised to use during production. Hydro Pure is not harmful and can be used during production, ensuring irrigation systems are always clean and pathogen levels are low.

Where is Hydro Pure manufactured? Who is the manufacturer? Where can I find more information?

Hydro Pure is manufactured at Intracare, in the Netherlands. Within Intracare we have the department Intrahorti, specialized in the horticulture market. Go to www.intrahorti.com for more information.

Is Hydro Pure superior over other silver stabilised hydrogen peroxide products? Why?

Yes, as Intracare produces their own silver chelate. Because of this we always have the same and high-end quality. Next to that the R&D and state of the art laboratory provides service and quality controls that really fits to your needs.

Is Hydro Pure only used in horticulture?

Hydro Pure is also frequently used in the livestock industry, to clean and disinfect drinking systems.